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Friday May 27, 2022

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Friday May 27, 2022

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Friday May 27, 2022

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Video production training and equipment is available to residents of the City of San Bernardino as well as residents of nearby cities for the purpose of producing original programming to show on IEMG's Public Access Channel known as ACCESS SAN BERNARDINO.

Membership in IEMG's Public Access program:
  • Video production and post-production training for community members so that they can become crew members and producers.
  • Access to production and post-production equipment for public access productions.
  • Airing of programming produced locally or outside of San Bernardino.
  • Internet streaming of locally-produced Public Access programming.


  1. PRODUCE VIDEO CONTENT using your own resources and submit it to us to be shown on IEMG's Public Access channel, ACCESS SAN BERNARDINO. The links below are information about how to submit your video (our policies & technical specifications):
    Playback Submission Form
    Guidelines for Sponsorship
    Technical Standards

  2. Volunteer with other MEMBERS to help them create content for IEMG's Public Access channel. Call or email us to get a current list of MEMBERS who are looking for volunteers.

    phone: (909) 384-5005

  3. TAKE TRAINING CLASSES WITH US AND THEN PRODUCE VIDEO CONTENT using our resources and submit your videos to be shown on IEMG's Public Access Channel. Please look at the next section for information about training & access to resources.


In order to use equipment and facilities at IEMG, you must be a MEMBER and take certain classes with us. Even if you have previous experience or training, we require that you pass the appropriate basic training courses before you may use equipment or facilities.

IMPORTANT: Any and all use of IEMG Public Access resources MUST be for projects that are intended for exhibition on these media platforms. As the creator of the work, you retain the copyright, but you must also agree to give IEMG non-exclusive rights to distribute the material.

IEMG's Public Access Platforms: IEMG's Public Access Channel exhibits media content on cable television in the greater City of San Bernardino area on Channel 17 (Time Warner), Channel 32 (Verizon, Charter), and Channel 99 (AT&T) and streamed on the Internet at and may be added to IEMG's YouTube channel.

How Our Training Program Works:

Orientation Class: This class gives a comprehensive overview of IEMG's Public Access program and covers the opportunities available to and responsibilities of participants. The Orientation class is the place to ask questions you may have about public access submissions, volunteering, and public access training at IEMG.

Once you've been recorded in our system as having completed Orientation, you may sign up for other classes on a first-come, first-served basis. The place to start is one of the Basic Production Tracks.

Basic Production tracks:
Our basic production training is divided into two tracks:

Digital Field Production : Shooting on tapeless digital high-definition cameras and finishing on nonlinear editing systems, Digital Field Production uses up-to-date technology and workflows to tell stories that take place in the wider world outside of the television studio. Whether your interest is documentary (including covering events or performances) or scripted shows, Digital Field Production allows maximum creative control. The class covers on-location shooting, camera setup and operation, shooting for editing, location audio, location lighting, and digital nonlinear editing.

  • Possible to shoot with a smaller crew than with Studio production;
  • Shooting on location means you don't have to build a set/ Wide range of locations
  • Nonlinear editing allows flexibility and creative control of the content;

  • Access and control of shooting locations can be challenging
  • Editing takes many hours longer than switching live to tape.

Studio Video Production (NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME) :

Some types of shows are more appropriate to shoot in a studio because of its relatively controlled environment and multiple cameras. Programs that need a quick turnaround because of time-sensitive subject matter also benefit from the switched-live-to-tape approach.

  • Three cameras switched gives more coverage of your subject than one camera, and editing on the fly/live-to-tape means you don't have to edit everything later.
  • Equipment is already here in the studio (no transporting of lights, cameras, etc.)

  • Switching live-to-tape means that you live with the directors choices of camera angles. There is no going back to use a different camera angle.
  • The minimum certified crew size is 3; a crew of 5 or more is preferable.
  • Limited time to build, use, and strike sets.

Once you have passed the Studio Video Production class, you will be a certified Studio MEMBER. This enables you to reserve and use IEMG's television studio. (NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME)

At the Orientation Class, staff will explain the details, differences, and similarities of these two tracks and how the process works.

Resources Available to Certified MEMBERS:

Once you have passed the Digital Field Production class, you will be a certified Digital MEMBER. This enables you to reserve and check out Digital Field Production Equipment and to reserve and use time on our digital nonlinear editing equipment to make content for IEMG's Public Access Channel.

Digital Field Production Equipment:

High-Definition tapeless cameras: Canon Vixia HF M300, and Flip UltraHD. Lightweight Lowel lighting and assorted grip packages.

Digital Nonlinear Editing Equipment:
Apple iMacs running OS X 10.6 on 3 GHz Intel Core i3 processors with 8 GB RAM.
Editing applications: Apple's iMovie.


4000 square feet

22 x 14 Green Screen

3 Thomson studio cameras, including 1 with Teleprompter

220 volt lighting grid with 96 20-amp dimmers and a variety of lighting instruments, including 2K and 1K Fresnels, scoops, soft lights, Lekos, and stirrups.

Programmable 48-dimmer lighting board (Strand Lighting MX)

Studio control room (NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME):

Switcher (Ross Synergy 100)

Edit controller (JVC RM-G870U)

Character generator (Chyron Duet LE)

Teleprompter control

Time base correction unit

Variety of formats: hard drive, D9, DV, DVD, Hi8, SVHS/VHS.

Voice communication with camera operators + studio announce (RTS)

Sound mixing booth with 32-channel Mackie audio mixing board with Denon CD, DAT, and tape players

Sharing of Resources: In an effort to promote fair distribution of resources among MEMBERS, each certified MEMBER is given a virtual budget for the year starting on the date he or she completes his or her first basic training class. All equipment and facilities have rental prices, and, each time that equipment is checked out or facilities used, rental costs will be deducted from this account of virtual money. If the member remains in good standing and actively creates content, this virtual funding will be renewed annually. Note: This system is subject to change at any time at IEMG's discretion. Also certified MEMBERS include 50 hours of editing to be used on their projects. However, additional editing hours can be purchased as needed.


The Inland Empire Media Group (IEMG) is a program under the Office of the City Manager of the City of San Bernardino, which is allowed Public, Educational and Government (PEG) channels on local program providers: Channel 3 (Charter, Time Warner, Verizon and Channel 99 on AT&T) and Access San Bernardino (Channel 17 on Time Warner; Channel 32 on Charter Communications as well as Verizon, and Channel 99 on AT&T). IEMG's Public Access Production Training Program is a service offered by IEMG for the purpose of giving local community members the skills and tools to produce programming for the Access San Bernardino channel.


To sign up for an Orientation class, please call us at (909) 384-5005, or email us at

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